The GGP field work is done by the participating countries which usually involves national statistical offices and issues buy seroquel uk research institutes. Before submission national teams through the data processing procedures which transforms raw data from field collection into a cleaned and corrected state that is can be used for analysis.

The data editing stage, which is conducted by the participating countries national teams are essential for the what is better viagra or levitra further data harmonisation and finalisation procedures. Thus, they are highly advised to follow the GGS standards that are represented in the GGS Harmonisation Data File Description. The framework of how the submitted data should look is represented by the GGS Harmonisation Data File Description. The aim of viagra, candadian drugs this file is to give national teams a detailed overview of the data framework: the variable names and the value labels codes. It is also the bridge between the weekly cialis australia online questionnaire and the GGS variables. First of all, the variables begin with a letter designating the wave of data collection (“a” for the first wave likewise “b” for the second wave). We have attempted to keep the names of variables the same across the waves, and all the new variables would be identified as follows [“wave letter”]n e.g. bn301

The national teams are required to complement the data with the lowest price usa viagra data availability report on the submissions. It is of high importance that the participating countries presents a thorough report, because it gives a detailed overview of the data i.e. which questions the country implemented, to what degree the implementations of the questions was participated, what extra information the data contains. porn-share