Data access

Access to GGP data

Data from the Generations and Gender Programme is available freely for non-commercial purposes. To gain access to the micro data, please register in the GGP User Space and sign the respective data agreement. 

Data is available upon signing the “Statement of Affiliation, Confidentiality, and Terms of Acceptable Usage for GGS Data Sets” and providing the necessary personal information. You can request access to the data online in the GGP data portal. Once your request is submitted, we will review it promptly. For most datasets, access is typically granted within 1-2 working days. However, if your request comes from an institution where no one has previously requested access, or if you’re requesting data from the FFS, GGS-I Norway, or GGS-I Australia datasets, the process may take longer. To expedite your request, we recommend registering with your institutional email address.

Note: This access procedure applies to all datasets except for data from GGS-I Norway, GGS-I Australia, and FFS, which requires a different application process. 

Access to data from the Family and Fertility Survey

FFS data is available for upon completion of the “Family and Fertility Survey – Application for Micro Data User” form, along with a research abstract explaining why you need the data for your research, and providing the necessary personal information. You can complete and submit this application online. Access to FFS data may take longer than for other datasets due to the review process.

Access to data from GGS-I Norway and GGS-I Australia

Data from GGS-I Norway and GGS-I Australia is available after providing an abstract of the research plans and providing the necessary personal information, and sending by email the signed documents to The documents are available upon requesting access to the data in the GGP Data Portal.

    • the Cooperation Agreement has to be signed once by the head of department or institution (as mentioned under Representative in the application). 
    • the Pledge of Confidentiality has to be signed by the main applicant and supervisor (for students) 
    • the Statement of Affiliation has to be signed by an authorized person (representative) at the institution on behalf of the applicants and supervisor (for students)

Access procedure for students

According to the data access protocol, students are required to obtain a co-signature from their academic supervisor on the Statement of affiliation, confidentiality and terms of acceptable usage. This policy is in place to ensure the integrity and accountability of the research process, as well as to provide an additional layer of oversight and guidance. To do so, the student can download the statement as a pdf to get the signature of their supervisor and send it then by email to 

Using GGP data for teaching 

If you would like to use GGP data for teaching purposes, please get in touch with us for more information. 


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