Publications with the keyword "europe"

Lyons-Amos, M. and Perelli-Harris, B.
The Heterogeneity of Relationship Patterns: An Examination of 15 Countries using Latent Class Growth Models
2013, ESRC Centre for Population Change Working Paper, 37 , 1-29
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2013, Eur J Population, 29 , 1--28
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2011, Demographic Research (Special issue on Intergenerational family ties in Europe: Multiple linkages between individuals, families and social contexts, edited by P. A. Dykstra), 25 , 135-172
Perelli-Harris, B. and Kreyenfeld, M. and Sigle-Rushton, W. and Lappegard, T. and Jasilioniene, A. and Di Giulio, P. and Keizer, R. and Berghammer, C. and Köppen, K.
The increase in fertility in cohabitation across Europe: examining the intersection between union status and childbearing
2009, MPIDR Working paper (Germany), 021 , 42
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Breton, D. and Prioux, F.
The one-child family: France in the European context
2009, Demographic Research, 20(27) , 657-692
Diehl, C. and Koenig, M. and Ruckdeschel, K.
Religiosity and gender equality: comparing natives and Muslim migrants in Germany
2009, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 32 , 278-301
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