Publications with the keyword "family formation"

Valdés Cifuentes, I. and Wagner, M. and Naderi, R.
Heirat und Familiengründung bei Deutschen und türkischstämmigen Personen in Deutschland
2013, KZfSS Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, 65(3) , 479-504
Buber, Isabella and Panova, Ralina and Dorbritz, Jurgen
Fertility intentions of highly educated men and women and the rush hour of life
2012, Vienne Institute of Demography/Austrian Academy of Science,
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Perelli-Harris, B. and Kreyenfeld, M. and Sigle-Rushton, W. and Lappegard, T. and Jasilioniene, A. and Di Giulio, P. and Keizer, R. and Berghammer, C. and Köppen, K.
The increase in fertility in cohabitation across Europe: examining the intersection between union status and childbearing
2009, MPIDR Working paper (Germany), 021 , 42
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