Publications with the keyword "family"

Daatland, S. and Veenstra, M. and Lima, I.
Norwegian sandwiches: On the prevalence and consequences of family and work role squeezes over the life course
2010, European Journal of Ageing, 7(4) , 271-281
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Buber, I.
Wissenschaftlerinnen in Österreich - Zusatzerhebung im Rahmen des GGS. Dokumentation der Datenerhebung und deskriptive Ergebnisse
2010, Vienna Institute of Demography Working Papers, 2 , 53
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Lefèvre, C. and Prokofieva, L. and Korchaguina, I. and Stankuniene, V. and Gedvilaite, M. and Badurashvili, I. and Sirbiladze, M.
Le rôle de la famille et de la société dans les solidarités intergénérationnelles: comparaison des opinions en France, Géorgie, Lituanie et Russie [The role of family and society in intergenerational solidarity: A comparison of opinions in France, Georgia, Lithuania and Russia]
2009, Revue d’études comparatives Est-Ouest, 40(3-4) , 315-345
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Vikat, A. and Beets, G. and Billari, F. and Bühler, C. and Corijn, M. and Désesquelles, A. and Fokkema, T. and MacDonald, A. L. and Neyer, G. and Pailhé, A. and Pinnelli, A. and Solaz, A. and Spéder, Z.
Generations and Gender Survey : Towards a better understanding of relationships and processes in the life course
2007, Demographic Research, 17 , 389-440
Torres, Anália
MARIAGE: temps, centrage, générations et genre [Marriage: Time, Centering, Generations and Gender]
2004, Caderno CRH: Revista quadrimestral de ciências sociais editada pelo Centro de Recursos Humanos da Universidade Federal da Bahia, 17(42) , 405-429
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