Publications with the keyword "fertility desires"

Vignoli, D. and Régnier-Loilier, A.
Chi non desidera due figli? Uno studio comparativo tra Francia e Italia
Rivista di studi familiari, 2009
fertility desires france italy determinants of fertility desires fertility intentions observed fertility
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Who does not desire two children? A France-Italy comparison - In the industrialized word, France and Italy placed at the extremes as far as fertility behaviour is concerned. Besides these differences, in this work we also wonder whether (or not) fertility desires are different between the two countries. In particular, we aim at scrutinizing the factors influencing the choice of the fertility pattern in France and Italy, paying special attention to the "single child model" and "large family model". Our findings highlight that the desired number of children in France is only slightly higher than in Italy. Moreover, also women who do not desire a two-child family are very similar in the two countries.
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