Publications with the keyword "multivariate analysis"

Gugushvili, A.
Material Deprivation and the District Level Outcomes of the 2012 Parliamentary Elections in Georgia
Center for Social Sciences, 2012,
parliamentary elections georgia material deprivation multivariate analysis
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This study shows that the district level outcomes in the 2012 parliamentary elections in Georgia are significantly associated with the mean household deprivation levels. This effect is statistically significant after controlling for the regional dummies, urbanisation level, current district’s population size, the proportion of orthodox population, local ideological preferences, and the rate of turnout on the election day. The OLS models of the share of received votes in the proportional system and the logit models of the odds of victory of a party candidate in the majoritarian contest both reveal that the districts with the lowest and highest material deprivation levels were more likely to vote for the oppositional coalition. The results are robust even after excluding from the analysis two fraud-prone regions of Samtskhe-Javakheti and Shida Kartli.
Breton, D. and Prioux, F.
The one-child family: France in the European context
Demographic Research, 2009
europe france generations gender survey (ggs) low fertility multivariate analysis parity progression ratios
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This paper observes the change since the 1970s in the proportion of men and women having only one child during their reproductive life, and examines their sociodemographic characteristics. The aim is to explore the significant variables of the complement of the parity progression ratio from first to second birth (1-A1). First, we present the theories, findings and results relating to the single-child family model in Europe. Then, we perform a multivariate analysis with the dependent variable of the model being the fact of not having had a second child ten years after the birth of a first child in stable unions.
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