Publications with the keyword "values"

Bourgeois, A. and Légaré, J.
Valeurs familiales et histoire maritale et familiale des grands-parents en France
2008, Gérontologie et Société, 127 , 159-179
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Vikat, A. and Beets, G. and Billari, F. and Bühler, C. and Corijn, M. and Désesquelles, A. and Fokkema, T. and MacDonald, A. L. and Neyer, G. and Pailhé, A. and Pinnelli, A. and Solaz, A. and Spéder, Z.
Generations and Gender Survey : Towards a better understanding of relationships and processes in the life course
2007, Demographic Research, 17 , 389-440

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