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Torres, Anália
MARIAGE: temps, centrage, générations et genre [Marriage: Time, Centering, Generations and Gender]
Caderno CRH: Revista quadrimestral de ciências sociais editada pelo Centro de Recursos Humanos da Universidade Federal da Bahia, 2004
casamento família gênero geração mariage famille genre génération marriage family generation gender
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Zsolt, Spéder
Gyermekvállalás és a párkapcsolatok át- alakulása
Társadalmi riport 2004, TÁRKI, 2004,
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Spielauer, M.
The Generations and Gender Contextual Database: concepts and content
MPIDR Working Paper, 2004
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Spéder, Z.
Gyermekvállalás házasságon kívül - egy terjedö magatartásminta összetevöi [Non-marital Childbearing - components of a diffusing behaviour]
Századvég, Új foly, 2004,
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Kolosi, T. and Tóth, I. and Vukovich, G.
Social report - Fertility decline, changes in partnership formation and their linkages
TÁRKI Social Research Centre Inc., 2004,
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Kapitány, B. and Spéder, Z.
Eletèunk Fordulópontjai – Szegénység és depriváció
Demographic Research Institute, 2004,
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Houle, R. and Spielauer, M.
Sample size and statistical significance of hazard regression parameters. An exploration by means of Monte Carlo simulation of four transition models based on the Hungarian GGS data
MPIDR Working Paper, 2004
event history surveys microsimulation samples simulation
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