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Breakoffs in an hour long online survey
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Partnership Satisfaction and Conflict among Czech Couples during the Pandemic-related Employment Insecurity
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Práce z domova, konflikty mezi prací a rodinou a kvalita partnerství v době pandemie covidu-19 [Working from Home, Work–Family Conflicts and Partnership Quality during the Covid-19 Pandemic]
2022, Sociologický časopis/Czech Sociological Review, 58(4) , 373-400
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Methodology Report. World Contraceptive Use 2022: Estimates and Projections of Family Planning Indicators 2022
2022, United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs,
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Life satisfaction and material living condition determinants in the first year of the coronavirus pandemic - Determinanty životní spokojenosti a materiálních životních podmínek v prvním roce pandemie covidu-19
2022, Fórum sociální politiky, 2(2) , 9-14
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Financial Disagreements and Money Management Among Older Married and Cohabiting Couples in Sweden
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K. Ishchanova
Home Alone: Exploring Childcare Options to Remove Barriers to Second Childbearing in Belarus
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Does the Survey Mode Affect the Association Between Subjective Well-being and its Determinants? An Experimental Comparison Between Face-to-Face and Web Mode
2022, Journal of Happiness Studies,
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Calculating Contraceptive Prevalence and Unmet Family Planning Need in the Republic of Moldova using the Generations and Gender Survey
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Young adults question normative roles of men and women in society
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Variation in the educational consequences of parental death and divorce: The role of family and country characteristics
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Childbearing among Polish migrant women and their descendants in Sweden: an origin-destination country approach
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The impact of COVID-19 on fertility behaviour and intentions in a middle income country
2022, Plos One, 17(1) , e0261509
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