GGP At A Glance No. 40 / June 2018

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The increase in female labour force participation and dual-earner couples has initiated a continuing discussion in Europe about ways in which families can be helped in combining work and family responsibilities. Uptake of maternity leave and access to high-quality and affordable child care can help families – and women in particular – to combine parenthood and career aspirations. Generally, less attention is paid to care responsibilities for elderly parents. Figure 1 shows that among parents with children younger than 14 living in the household, about 3% has to combine this task with taking care of their parents(-in-law) on a regular basis. Responsibility for (elderly) parents disproportionally falls into the hands of people aged 40-59. Combining care-responsibilities may pose a burden, especially on dual-earner families. Data of the Generations & Gender Programme can help to identify groups in need for support, thereby directing policy development in this area.

Care responsibilities for (elderly) parents among parents with young children in Europe

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