A full bibliography of all published articles that make use of on line pharmacy for viagra GGP data is maintained by UNECE.

The database is available here. Please see below for instructions on searching the database and buy real cialis online downloading records.

GGP data users are reminded that a condition of access to the survey micro data is that you must inform us of all published materials which make use of the data.  In addition we would love to add details of your unpublished work such as theses, dissertations, conference papers and seminar presentations. 

If you would like to inform us of a new entry that we should include on the database, or if you have a correction to make, please inform us by visitng the UNECE pages. Please give as much detail as you can, including a link to an online version of the paper if available. 

Instructions for searching the database

Type your search criteria in the 'QuickSearch' box at the female herbal levitra recommended site top of the page.  All entries which include your search terms will be shown.  You can sort by any column before or after searching by clicking on the column header.

To find entries:

  • where any field starts with "fertility", type ^fertility
  • where any field ends with "Germany", type Germany$
  • published between 2002 and 2007, type 200[2-7]
  • written either by Smith or Jones, type (Smith|Jones)
  • written by both Smith and Jones, type (Smith).+(Jones)  note the full stop after the first search term

When you have located a record of interest to you, you can access it online if there is a link in the 'Weblink' column; read the abstract and keywords if available; and view the bibtex code which can be copied and pasted into a text file for inclusion in your own referencing software.

Note: the UNECE database is maintained using the open source software JabRef which creates bibliographic records in bibtex format.  If your referencing software requires a different format such as .ris or .enw, we suggest installing JabRef and using its export function to convert files to your preferred format.

Access GGP Bibliography

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Programme publications

Cover_GGP_Demo-Change-libHow Generations and Gender Shape Demographic Change: Towards policies based on better knowledge

[Sales: E.09.II.E.8]
[ISBN: 978–92–1–117004–7]


Cover_GGPConceptsGuidelinesGenerations and Gender Programme: Concepts and where to order cialis online Guidelines

[Sales: E.08.II.E.6]
[ISBN: 978-92-1-116985-0]


Cover_GGPSurveyInsGenerations and Gender Programme: Survey Instruments

[Sales: E.05.II.E.20]
[ISBN: 92-1-116935-6]


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