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The Central Coordination Team

The Central Coordination Team (CCT) manages the GGP. You can reach the CCT by email to ggp@nidi.nl or by filling in the contact form on this website. The CCT consists of the Director and the operational GGP staff:

Prof. Dr. Anne Gauthier | Director
Scientific direction; management of the infrastructure; Liaison with international partners and stakeholders


Dr. Tom Emery | Deputy Director
Fieldwork; Innovations; Strategic Development; Collaboration with other Infrastructures


  Dr. Arieke Rijken | Researcher
  Fieldwork coordination; Survey implementation; Support to national teams



Judith Koops, MSc | Researcher
Data Management; Coordination Harmonized Histories; User Queries


Dr. Susana Cabaço | Researcher
Governance Matters; Fundraising; Impact; Internal GGP Communications


Dr. Arianna Caporali (INED) | Researcher
Data Harmonisation, Documentation & Dissemination; Online Codebook & Analysis; Contextual Database


Almut Schumann, MSc (BiB) | Researcher
Analysis Mode Effects; Quality Assurance Questionnaire

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