Call for survey questions for the follow-up (wave 2) questionnaire

Selected modules

Following up on the GGP’s call for survey questions, we are thrilled to share its results. We were impressed by the number of captivating proposals. All submissions were meticulously reviewed along the selection criteria by the GGP Consortium Board and the Selection Committee. After careful consideration, the following proposals were accepted: 

We would like to express our gratitude to all colleagues who submitted their proposals for their outstanding work and involvement in GGP. Heartfelt congratulations are extended to the authors of the selected proposals for the second wave of the Generations and Gender Survey. Your valuable contributions will undoubtedly provide unique insights into the complexities of family dynamics, gender, and intergenerational relations!


With the baseline survey (wave 1) well underway, the GGP is now getting ready for the follow-up survey (wave 2). The follow-up questionnaire has been recently revised and shortened, allowing space for new innovative survey questions to be introduced into the GGS (the baseline and the follow-up questionnaires can be found on-line)

Download Baseline questionnaire     Download Follow-up questionnaire (test-version)

Now we are launching a call for proposals of new modules or single survey questions to be incorporated into the forthcoming wave 2 of the GGS.

Call for survey questions   Selection criteria questions  Application form

What are we looking for?

We are looking for new, innovative, inspiring questions to be included into the GGS follow-up survey and fielded in all countries that conduct the second wave of the study.

The proposed survey module should be:

We will allocate 7-8 minutes of the survey time to all new questions. We intend to fill this time-slot with several shorter submissions from different applicants, therefore we strongly encourage proposals to aim for a maximum of 2-3 minutes of questions. There are no predefined number of proposals that will be accepted.

Selection procedure

The proposals should be prepared in line with the template that is attached to this call and submitted (see below)

All submissions that meet formal criteria will be evaluated and scored by the GGP Consortium Board members based on three criteria:

The criteria are outlined in more detail below. Any Consortium Board member will be entitled to evaluate the proposals as long as no conflict of interest occurs. Based on the provided scoring, the proposals will be ranked and the selection committee will make the final decision on how many proposals can be included into the GGS. The selected questions will be incorporated into the survey and tested together with the follow-up questionnaire.

Please note that we ask for ready survey questions or modules. However, the selection committee reserves the right to contact the applicants and ask for small adjustments of their items if the proposal receives a high score, but some problems arise with implementation (e.g. during testing).

Evaluation criteria

1. Relevance and applicability to GGS

The proposed questions need to fit well alongside the core GGS questions, and they need to be easily incorporated into the questionnaire, given their subject and structure. The survey questions proposed must be suited to the thematic focus of the GGS and appropriate for the panel survey conducted by many countries in population-wide samples. It is crucial for the questions to deepen, expand or add to the themes of the core questionnaire and be relevant to the overall aims of the GGS. Moreover, the proposal should explain how the proposed questions fit with the second wave of the panel.

2. Readiness and appropriateness of design

The call is aimed at ready, well-formulated and fully developed survey questions. The questions should meet scientific and ethical standards. It is important for the questions to be feasible under current GDPR arrangements and suitable for the interview design (in particular, CAWI) conducted in diverse countries. The survey module should be self-contained and ready to be added to the questionnaire (i.e., not interfere with the overall structure of the follow-up questionnaire). Please indicate approximately where in wave 2 the questions should be included. While the proposed survey questions do not need to have been included in any major survey previously, we encourage applicants to cognitively test the questions in advance if possible. Please, include information on any prior use or testing of the questions in the proposal to better document their readiness.

3. Scientific excellence and novelty of the questions

The proposed survey questions must add a new dimension to the GGS knowledge base. The inclusion of the module should provide substantial or methodological novelty to the core survey. It is important for the proposed questions to attract broad academic interest in Europe and other countries conducting GGS and / or have a potential appeal to policymakers.

In a supplementary file, we provide a list of questions that the applicants are encouraged to consider when preparing their proposal.

Download the selection criteria questions



Selection committee

The selection committee appointed by the GGP Steering Committee consists of:

Brienna Perelli-Harris (chair), Letizia Mencarini, Martin Kreidl, Monika Mynarska and Wiktoria Bąchorek (assistant)

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