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GGP Newsletter no. 97 now available

Read up on the latest developments within the programme

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The Generations and Gender Programme entered a new era of its existence with the kick-off of the GGP-5D project end of October 2022

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New GGP User Space

The new GGP User Space has a fresh look and a streamlined data access to our GGP data

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Latest Dataset Updates

GGS-II Uruguay Wave 1 Minor Update

A minor update of GGS-II Uruguay Wave 1 has been conducted. The weights were recalculated to better match the population distribution. Additionally, country-specific names and labels were harmonised with other countries to fit our naming conventions. These updates can be found in version 1.3 in the GGP User Space. 

GGS-II Argentina Wave 1 Minor Update

A minor update of GGS-II Argentina Wave 1 has been conducted. The variables with the answer categories “strongly disagree” and “strongly agree” were misattributed as “strongly agree” was labelled as “strongly disagree,” and vice versa. This has been corrected in version 1.1 

GGS-II Wave 1 UK released

GSS-II UK Wave 1 has been released. Download the data in the GGP User Space!

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