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The GGP Community comprises major stakeholders of the research infrastructure, such as the GGP Users and the GGP Council.

GGP Users

GGP Users are individuals who use the research infrastructure and the data for scientific (non‐commercial) purposes. Their scientific works are listed in the bibliography on this website. Moreover, a bi‐annual user conference allows users to exchange results and research.

Individuals gain the status of users after completion and approval of a Data agreement form. Any breach of the terms contained in the agreement may lead to individuals losing their privilege to use the data.

GGP Council

The GGP Council (Council) comprises the National Focal Points, the GGP Partners, and the GGP Observers. It is the main forum for national survey coordinators. Council meetings give its members the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences.

The Council oversees the progress made in the implementation of the infrastructure at the national level, which is documented in a yearly overview of the national countries reports. Moreover, the Consortium Board can ask the opinion of the Council on selected decisions and on the overall organisation of the Infrastructure.

The GGP Council is also an international working group of the UNECE. Information on the annual meetings of the GGP Council can be found here.

National Focal Points

The National Focal Point (NFP) is a designated person from the National Country Team. The NFP represents his/her country in the Council and votes on its behalf. He/she is also the contact point for the GGP. The NFP coordinates the national-level implementation of the survey and sets the necessary national arrangements for the delivery of data to the Central Coordination. Moreover, the NFP coordinates funding and political support for GGP at the national level.

National Country Teams / GGP Partners

National Country Teams collaborate with the GGP to collect data in various countries. They may be organised differently by country. Organisations that are members of a National Country Team can participate (but not vote) in the Council as GGP Partners.

The National Country Team of any given country organises the national participation to the GGP and the data collection at the national level. The National Country Team also performs other tasks related to the implementation or support of the GGP objectives. Each National Country Team reports to the Council and the Consortium Board.

Please find a list of countries and their respective NFP below:

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