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You have been invited to participate in the Generations and Gender Survey. With your help we can make an important contribution to science and society, and develop a better understanding of individuals lives. You were selected at random based on the records of the statistical office to ensure a representative image of the population. This procedure enables us to present the living conditions and attitudes of different people and their lives. For this reason we would like to kindly ask you to participate in our survey and to share with us your individual and family life story as well as express your personal opinion on important social issues. The duration of the survey is approximately 45 minutes. You can interrupt the survey at any time and continue at a later date. Your information will be backed up so that you can continue by re-entering your ID number at the point where you stopped the survey. The statistical office and the project coordinator, NIDI, guarantee that your data will be treated confidentially in strict compliance with national and European data protection legislation. The information you provide is used for purely scientific purposes only and is only accessed in the form of statistical measures such as distributions, averages or correlations. It will not be possible for any third person to personally identify you or associate your statements with you. Neither the Statistical Office nor NIDI in The Hague receive personal data.If you want to know more about the project, you can find more information in the section below. If you are having trouble accessing the questionnaire, please deactivate the ad blocker in your browser.

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