GGP Milestone Projects

GGP Push to Web Experiment

As part of the GGP – ‘Evaluate, Plan, Initiate’  Project, an experiment was conducted which aimed to examine the feasibility of online data collection in the GGP. Collecting data from individuals via an online survey has the advantage of being cheaper and quicker than face to face data collection through interviews.  However, scientists and policy makers are often concerned that it leads to lower quality data as fewer people respond to the survey, and those who do are more likely to provide inaccurate information.

The GGP Push to Web Experiment looked to explore this by conducting face to face and web surveys in parallel in three countries: Germany, Portugal and Croatia. These countries were specifically picked as they represent challenging environments for online data collection. Details about the design of the experiment can be downloaded here. Results and publications stemming from the study will appear here in due course.   

Design Study

The Design Study was used to critically assess and update the GGP’s programme of work (in the first round of data collection) including both the methodological components inherent to large-scale cross-national studies and to prepare the Blueprint for GGP’s future as an autonomous, sustainable international research infrastructure. A key objective of the Design Study was to improve the validity and reliability of existing measurement instruments in the GGS. The related deliverables are listed below.

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