Council of Partners Reporting
  • Select all that apply or leave blank if no obstacles are foreseen
  • For European Countries only
  • 1. examples of national / international research projects which make use of the GGS data 2. list BA, MA, PhD thesis based on the GGS data over the past year 3. examples of GGP data used in university curriculum to teach on social processes or to teach methods: How is GGS a part of the programme? What courses? How is it used? 4. materials / events that popularize GGS results to a wider public (to media, politicians, civil society members) such as brochures, newsletters, webpages, seminars, keynote speeches, other public addresses – please, provide brief descriptions 5. media coverage related to GGS, including main topics / the main message 6. governmental or non-governmental organizations or any other civil society members making use of GGS or expressing interest. Please list organizations use GGS and for what purposes? 7. experts’ reports, political programs, policy proposals / solutions etc. that used or referred to GGS. Please note who prepared them and for what purpose? What was the GGS role in them?

Many thanks for filling in this short report and we look forward to seeing you in Paris.

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