Data Access

GGP data is available free of charge for scientific purpose. Researchers who would like to access the data need to register in the GGP User Space and sign a data agreement before being able to download the data. 


If you use the data, you must cite it correctly. See here


Access categories

  1. Easy access – level 1: Data is available for download after signing online the “Statement of affiliation, confidentiality and terms of acceptable usage for GGS data sets” 
  2. Easy access – level 2: FFS
  3. Long access: Data is available for download after providing an abstract of the research plans and sending the following documents to
    • the Cooperation Agreement has to be signed once by the head of department or institution (as mentioned under Representative in the application). 
    • the Pledge of Confidentiality has to be signed by the main applicant and supervisor (for students) 
    • the Statement of Affiliation has to be signed by an authorized person (representative) at the institution on behalf of the applicants and supervisor (for students)

Access for students

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