The Generations & Gender Programme Stakeholder Seminar | The future of the generations to come

The GGP and Population Europe were proud to organise a Stakeholder Seminar The future of the generations to come: Youth, Work-Life-Balance and Solidarity in Europe at the European Parliament on 23 January 2018An detailed Event Review, prepared by Population Europe and GGP teams, is available on Population Europe’s website.

The seminar began with three presentations, available below, focusing on research findings about current trends in the transition to adulthood, work-life balance and future needs that current young generations may face in family formation and ageing. Opportunities for policies to tackle pressing societal issues, and the role of social science data infrastructures herein, were discussed.  50 representatives from public policy, civil society and the research community

GGP Director Anne Gauthier opens the stakeholder seminar

GGP Director Anne Gauthier welcomes MEPs, research and civil society representatives to the Stakeholder Seminar

This event, with 50 representatives from public policy, civil society and the research community in attendance, was hosted by Alessia Mosca, Brando Benifei and Emilian Pavel, Members of the European Parliament.

Presentations by leading social science researchers included:

The presentations and discussion about the research findings on new and emerging trends were followed by a panel debate involving representatives from the domains of research, public policy, providers of social science data products and civil society:

Robert Anderson: Head of Social Policies Unit, Eurofound

Panellists discuss the role of social science data in public policy for addressing new and diverse societal challenges

Laura Castiglioni: Head of Family Policy& Family Support Unit, Deutsches Jugendinstitut

Annemie Drieskens: President, COFACE-Families Europe

Philippe Seidel Leroy: Policy & EP Liaison Officer, AGE Platform Europe

Pearl Dykstra: Professor of Empirical Sociology, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Deputy Chair of High Level Group of scientists advising Cabinet of European Commissioners

Miguel de la Corte Rodriguez: Legal Expert, DG Justice, European Commission



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