GGP At A Glance No. 39 / April 2018

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Young adults who are not employed nor in education or training (NEET) are a continuing concern for
European policy makers because of their higher risks of social exclusion and poverty. The graph below
shows the level of life satisfaction for young men and women aged 18-29 years old for two categories:
(1) employed or in education, and (2) NEET. Overall, men and women in the age from 18 to 29 are very
satisfied with their life. However, young adults who are not employed nor in education tend to have a
lower level of life satisfaction. The data furthermore reveal that group differences are much larger in
some countries – such as the Czech Republic and Estonia – than in others. Reducing the proportion of
NEET among young adults is part of the Sustainable Development Goals. Data from the Generations
and Gender Survey can help to unravel the reasons and consequences for NEET across countries,
gender and age-groups.

Life satisfaction among men and women aged 18-29 by activity status

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